11 October 2010

[GET] HLJ Purchase 3

I have recently went for another round of online spree again. Very unhealthy considering the fact that I am buying only toys. This time round, I have got both SHFiguart Goku and Gohan. Wanted to get them a long time ago. Hopefully Vegeta and Trunks will come out soon so that I can just grab all of them along with Piccolo. 

Apart from SHFiguart, I have also got a Hotworks 1/24 D1 GP 350Z; at a very cheap prize !!! And I also threw in another HGUC Unicorn destroy mode and RG RX-78-2 decal. You will see soon enough why another Unicorn :)

Some random pictures :-

Thanks for viewing :) Stay tune for more :)

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