05 October 2010

[WIP] MG 102 & 116 Unicorn & Sinanju WIP4

Finally, both Unicorn and Sinanju have their water slide decals. I got my Unicorn from Samuel while Monkey-001 got his from "somewhere". Anyways, here is the WIP. Hell once again but better than the last time round with the HGUC. 

The tools; cutter, cotton bud and mark softer...

Cut, dip, swipe, position and mark soft !!!

Thanks for viewing and expect some preliminary pictures in the next post :)


  1. wow.. goodluck water decaling! XD i'm slightly water-decal-phobic thanks to Unicorn gundam tt's i've jus made not too long ago. haha. but im looking forward to samual's decal and sinanju's too.. have been wanting to get sinanju with its water decal.. but jus afraid that bandai, with its usual antics, would produce a HD version of Sinanju next after episode 2 of Unicorn's movie.. so im keeping my fingers crossed, knowing full well that sinanju's decal is hard to find now... T.T


  2. hey, phew, i am re-living hell again...i have gone tru this for hguc and now again for mg. but lucky enut sinanju is not kit...haha, i am responsible for unicorn only...but still...hellish !!!

    the hd color is still ok la...i won get it lo...cos it will be the same and i will change the color myself oso...

  3. These are the best toys which are like by the boys mostly. Hence I think they will definitely like them. I think they can also be created at home also.


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