21 October 2010

[WIP] HGUC 100 Gundam Unicorn Banshee WIP2

Actually I was holding this post simply because of DJ's competition. Was thinking to put this as an entry to his competition in the future. Anyways, the recently bought Unicorn (HLJ3 Purchase) was really meant for this purpose. 

Have been planning for Banshee right from the beginning. My friend Monkey-001 and I actually was not so much into Unicorn. I first bought a MG Unicorn from HWJapan and kept it there to rot. Then, coincidentally, Miri's Boulevard was having a 30% discount for all Gunplas so we got both HGUC Unicorn and Destroy mode. The plan was putting Banshee plan into action but in the end, Monkey-001 wanted to just build the Destory mode as it is. 

Finally now, we, again, fork out the money to get another Unicorn. This time Banshee !!! Here are the random WIP pictures:-

Tamiya gold leaf used here...

Now standing among the Unicorns...

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)

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