03 October 2010

[OTHERS] Tamiya Sprays..Alot..

This is the amount (in cans) of spray paints that me and my friend is sharing to build all the Gunplas you see on my blog. Most of the cans marked with a red line is empty but I decided to keep the cans for particularly no purpose at all.

 If you look closely, the most common color used is Gun Metal and Metallic Black. 

I have a couple of top coat. Two from KawanRia, One from BanLeong; All of which I do not know how to use them effectively. It gave my kits a floss and made it look ugly. I'm sure that I am using it wrongly. Please let me know the correct way... 

Thanks for viewing :) Stay tune for more to come :)


  1. I meant, you can look for tips on how to use TopCoat at YouTube.

  2. oh...alrigght...i thought u were some spammer cos your name links to a porn site !!!

  3. LoL! I wanted to get as much as that too. Just too costly too. That's why I get more marker than spray cans.


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