29 October 2010

[OTHERS] Gunpla Clean-Up, Re-Arrange and Getting Ready to...

I have decided to stop buying Gunplas. Currently, I will just finish what is at hand and close this chapter. Probably this is the best thing to do considering how much I have spend just over 1 year. What you see in my Detolf plus what is not shown are toys which I have gotten just over a year. Overspending and I am sure that those monies could have been used for better things.

Not saying that Gunplas is childish (to some extend yes). I will not go ga-ga over newly released kits etc etc but I will only get those kit I really like. One or two a year is good enough. 

Anyways, am just expressing how I feel. Plus I will still be blogging what I have and all the WIP. Should probably be around 1 more year. I really like this blog of mine, one being able to show what I have done to my Gunplas to all the people around the world (you reading) and a catalogue of what I have.

Well, stay tune for more :)

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