31 August 2009

[TOOLS] Modelling Tools that I use...

Hey promised...will be letting you guys have a look at the tools I used for building my gunplas and even the camera that I have been using (which is not mine)...Most of us have their own way of doing things but the tools we used should be somewhat the same...

I build my gunplas anywhere. There is no designated "workstation" for me. As long as I have some space, it can be done (of course with the tools listed below).

Below is a list of tools are use; ranked according to frequency and importance:-

1. Gundam Marker 0.1mm/ Saintograph Drawing Pen

The ultimate tool that turns your ordinary gunplas into something admirable (at least for me). Overdoing it though will make things worst. The first Gunpla penned by this marker is my HG Nu. My MG RX-78 was not panelled using gundam marker but the saintograph. I lost my Saintograph tough :(

Anyways, got this via a friend coming back from SG for SG$3.90. Dang !!! should have stocked more...

2. Good Ol'Eraser

Don't look down on this piece of unsightly rubber. When combo-ed with Gundam marker; you create great kits man. Pen with marker. Rub with finger excess. Clean with rubber and at the same time thin the linings !!! Cost B$0.30.

3. Nail Clipper

I prefer this over razors. Cut parts using scissors from runners and use this handy little clipper to clip da nips aways leaving behind a smooth surface (not 100% though). Cost nothing; found it lying around at home somewhere and made it mine :D.

4. Cotton Bud

Similar to eraser but this is use for hard-to-reach places. Moisten it and clean off excess marker lining in deep places. Don't know the price either. Just take what I have lying around at home.

5. Small scissor
I don't use expensive cutter from Tamiya or Bandai. Just a plain ol scissor to cut parts from runners fast and clean. Price is B$2.00. Get a better one so that it won't get blunt so easily.

6. Razor Blade

Use to remove fine nips not removable by nail clippers. I don't use filer as it will damage the parts. It's ok if you are painting over it; if not it will only scratch the parts.

7. Mr.Hobby Thinner & Color

This is a must for painting. You can dilute thick paint and use it as a paint rubber :). AND it does not melt your gunplas !!! The colors are just colors but there are different type and I cannot explained it as I am a first timer too :)

8. Paint brush

Any would do. I personally use B$0.30 brushes. One for each color I use. Just throw it if its worn out.

9. Camera

Last but not least, the camera that I have been using. Without it, I could not have share all the pictures in my blog. In case you are wondering, I am using my Nokia E71 to take a picture of the camera that I am using :)

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