15 August 2009

[GALLERY] HG Gundam Exia !!

Finally had the time to take some pictures of my Exia. Something apart from my friend's work. In fact, this is my first HG Gunpla and the one that started my craze after so many years. Bought it from Toysworld for RM67 (a bit pricey but still worth it). It't about B$27.50 so it's still ok.

I am really amaze by how much Gunplas have improved over 10 years !! Exia has some inner frame which makes it very flexible and posable. The swivel joint for the legs and the degree of's great.

Have a look at some of the pictures I took. I will retake all these pictures once I get hold of a better camera in the future. I believe I can do better than now !!


  1. Are you planning to get HG Exia R2 and 0 Gundam?

    My collection majority are SD gundam, recently(early this year) just started to try FG/HG/MG/PG.. so far i haven't assemble HG yet hehe.. but i have the HG Exia GN-Arm and the 30th Annivesary RX-78-2.

    Color Painting also just started haha.. previous just do panel lining XD

  2. hmmm...not at the moment...i just got MG i might get something like MG Zaku v2...some kits from the bad guys

  3. did you do some painting on this too?


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