30 August 2009

[OTHERS] Gundam Deathschythe....Something from many moons ago :D

I love drawing. I use to draw day and night. Dragon ball Z characters especially :D....Anyways that was many many moons ago. I have evolved from a pencil artist to digital arts.

Here is something I drew when I was in Form 3. It's the Gundam Deathscythe. I bought the bootleg gunpla from a cheap shop. After building it, I took the cover and drew this :) Took me a while to colour with Buncho water colors on the standard art block :D...

I have other works as well. Sometimes I just take the PS1 games cover and draw them. I think I should post it up. Will show you guys what I mean when I say "evolve from pencil to digital".

Thanks for viewing :)


  1. no kidding? your drawing.. this a awesome man! i like drawing too, but i stopped already 10 years i guess..

  2. thanks for the compliment :D...I really love drawing but its taking up too much time so I stopped but occasionally still draws like once or twice in 3 share more in the future :D


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