10 August 2009

[GET] Upcoming Goodies (All for!!!

Hey ! Got addicted to toys now...very badly...I just recently got a few more Gunplas; some are yet to arrive and I am already planning what to buy next |||...

I have got my hands on (or at least they are on the way) the following goodies:-

1. MG Exia

This kit is cool. Unbelievable articulation. You can see them in details at Dalong. I got it from iShop2Go and it is the first batch from the factory and got it at a "early bird" cheaper rate. HK387 (About B$70).

Box Art

MG Exia

MG Exia Inner Frame

MG Exia Inner Frame & Panels

2. HG Nu

My friend recommended me to get this kit as he has the MG version. It's basically the scale down version of MG and hence still have some pretty good articulation and inner frames. Bargain price SGD$29.90 due to sales at OG.

HG Nu Box Art

Some Inner Frame (This HG is a derivative of MG)

Nu in action pose

3. HG Kerberos (White)

Can't help myself from buying it. It's only SGD$15 at OG as well. Too cheap to pass up.

Just the Box Art

4. Tools

Finally, I have my friend to help me get some Gunpla tools like markers and colors from SG. Scarce in Brunei !!!

All pictures were sourced from and eBay.

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