10 August 2009

[DOWNLOAD] Hobby Japan - September 2009...

I found the links for Hobby Japan September 2009 issue from SRW Hot News.

It was distributed via Megaupload but I figure that it will be a hassle to download from Megaupload if you do not have a premium account there.

So I took the liberty of downloading it and then putting all the pictures into a single .pdf file. Note that there is no quality degrade and it made reading much more easier.

Here is the Hobby Japan 2009-09. (Mediafire = Flashget/Download manager friendly :D) !!!

Please give me some feedback if some of you are downloading it (or at all reading my blog). If not, I won't waste my time uploading. e-Speed you know !!


  1. Hi, I want to download this file but his gone!

  2. hey bro, i have fixed the link :)

  3. nice share.. hope u dont mind if I ctrl+D this page.... thank u


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