05 August 2009

[GALLERY] RX-78-2 Opening its Cockpit !!

Bear with the quality of the image. Did my best to get a closed up shot and this is a good as it can get. Not using a SLR camera, not even the usual branded camera. Heard of "Enyyah"? That's the camera I am using (but still produced some quality pictures :D). Thanks to my friend for lending it to me.

Have a look at some shots I made posing RX-78-2 opening it's cockpit.


  1. Nice gundam you have ;) Panel lining it's good enought for MG RX-78-2 OYW ver. i also bought this as my first MG gundam, and also my birthday present XD, buy present for myself haha..

    Can see that you good in posing, not using DSLR also can take good picture ;)


  2. you want to see the original picture ? its a disaster without adjust |||


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