30 April 2010

[WIP] HG00 001 Exia R-WIP1

If you guys notice, I have never posted any pictures in details of my HG00 1/144 Exia. Why ? Simply because being my first HG, it was built in the most awesome ways (to current standards that is). No gundam marker, panel lining using some crappy too-dark pen, extremely obvious nip marks and heaps more. So yea, I rework it. Since I already have the color needed to put him back into good shape, why not ?! 

Alrites, in this rework, the tools that I have used are:-
1. Spray Pearl White TS-45
2. Spray Metallic Blue TS-19
3. Spray Metallic Red TS-18
4. Spray Gun Metal TS-48
5. Paint Mr.Hobby Dark Sea Grey No.331 (Semi-Gloss)

I did not take much pictures for the R-WIP but here you go:-

Again extreme masking for the shield.

This is Exia at 75% complete. Note that all stickers are gone and similar to Nu, I am still waiting for his decal via Samuel.

Note that most of the grey parts were hand painted. I like this Dark Sea Grey but it stinks. The painted parts has a "unpainted" look to me. I also painted some of the parts on the sole. Still needs some touch up though.

Thanks for viewing and hopefully my R-WIP posts has inspired some of you guys out there to do some refurbishment on your older kits.

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