11 November 2009

[GET] BB Sangokuden Liu Bei...

I just bought a model kit of Liu Bei for the Sangokuden series. Cost me RM33.90 from Toysworld, Miri. It's a bit pricey because it has a DVD inside. This kit is quite cool but my friend Kenny has told me that BB kits are the most difficult to build to your satisfaction in the sense that almost all the parts needs to be painted and I agree with him completely.

Monkey-001 who was with me at that time bought the BB Sangokuden Cao Pi; son of Cao Cao. He has a couple of others as well and I will get him to bring them to me for some photos :)

Got this kit for a few reason; one is that it is expandable and can use parts from other kits in the lineup as an upgrade. Second would be the special sword item :) which can be use in his ultimate form. You will see it later in the pictures.

First up is the box-art. I must say that the sangokuden series packaging is both simple and clean but comes up with some awesome manga arts !!

See the "Secret Item" on the box art above ? That's the sword I was talking about. 3 swords altogether in this kit.

Some really cool manga in the manual. Hope that someone can scan all these in the future.

The manual is pretty simple. Not many things to assemble but alot to color though.

Only 2 bags of runners. I have not open them yet. Will only do it when the time comes to assemble the kit :)

Here is the promotioanl dvd inside the box. Quite a lame have ripped it and will be posting it up soon enough to share with you guys :)

Thanks for viewing. Have a nice day :D


  1. cool.. nice loot you have. ^^ looking forward to this build of urs! =) are you planning to collect all 5 of them??


  2. hey ren....not too sure yet fren got guan yu edi...hahaha...


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