26 November 2009

[ADV] PG Gundam 00; It's Here @

It's finally here guys. No more pre-ordering. You can now just get it at You guys must have seen too many pictures of 00 but here goes again :D

There are two edition you can get from; the Normal version and the Limited Edition.

Note that is now giving the PG a whopping 20% discount !!!! Don't need me to do the math right !!!

Item: PG Gundam 00 Normal
Price: US$ 224.36 / HK$ 1,750 / B$312.00

Item: PG Gundam 00 Limited
Price: US$ 262.82 / HK$ 2,050 / B$365.50

Apart from that, you can buy the clear parts to show off the inner frame your PG ;D BUT the clear parts are only open to hobbyist who buys the PG Gundam 00 Limited edition and with the limited edition you will get a special stand. Just watch the video at the bottom :)

Price: US$ 35.90 / HK$ 280 / B$49.90

It's best to click on the links and the details of how to purchase the clear parts will be there :)

Nevertheless, it always to show everything in a video :D. Sums up everything :D

This video give you a summary on the GN Condenser. Look for yourself and you will understand.

And then here a video showing the awesome GN drive working its magic :)

Finally, I personally prefer the FAN-base videos for reviewing anything !!!!

Enjoy the videos and happy buying !!!!

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