22 November 2009

[FEATURE] Gunpla Shop iShop2go !!!!!!!

Hi All, hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend !! Today, I will be featuring an online shop called I believe that most of you are not too familiar with this shop but in several occassion I have mentioned their name in my blog. Just for you guys' information, I have bought 2 x MGs from them; RX-78-2 OYW and Exia.

And if anyone did notice, I have also put their banner on on the right side. If you have not seen it, here it is. Please click and visit their shop and take a look around.


Until a couple of months ago, I decided to contact and exchanged emails with the owner of His name is William; friendly and like us is a toy aficionado. iShop2Go has already been in business for around 5 years since 2004. His aim is to make popular and rare toy products from Japan readily available to the world at reasonable prices.

We had a long chat via email and then msn. He was eager to know about Brunei and was shocked to know that there are no dedicated hobby shops here !! I told him that getting even things like Gundam markers is difficult, let alone a dedicated shops.

Like I said, I have bought twice from them and their customer service is superb. When I ordered the RX-78-2 OYW (which is kinda rare) the stock was out. Instead of turning me away and saying that its no longer available, specifically ordered another kit from BANDAI to fill my order.

If you guys visit, you will see alot of pre-order products for example like the HGUC Unicorn and many others. Not going to list anything down. You will notice that the price is below market price !!! I ordered my MG Exia from them and got it for a discounted price for pre-ordering. And its the first batch of MG Exia !!!

Just to make things easier, here are links to some of the products they are dealing with:-

I am choosing only those that relates to Gunpla in one way or another :) and some others I think is cool...Please feel free to look all the other products they are dealing with :) Oh ya, these pictures were created by their designer just for G-Tyro ya :D Honored :D

Take a look around. This will not be the only post regarding Something wis happening and as we speak, I am working out with William on a few things to better bring news of new product to everyone reading. This is only possible because William works closely with the manufacturers and can obtain good pictures of products before they even get into the market !!! Anticipated more soon !!!

Recently I have also posted the 30th Anniversary MG clear parts campaign with prices. Have a look at it again and I am sure some of the kits will attract you guys :)

And also they are giving away Mega Bases for Christmas :D

Thanks for viewing :)

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