07 November 2009

[GALERY] SG 1/200 Gundam RX-78...Kits for Kids :D

This is the first Gunpla (along with the 3rd Anniversary RX-78-2 HCM Pro Limited model) I have ever got via internet from HLJ . If I recall correctly, I got the speed grade for about 743yen which is roughly B$11 here. Scale is 1/200 and the details is quite good when you compare to those HG released a decade ago !!!

The most interesting thing about this Gunpla is the packaging :D Instead of a box, it comes in a plastic bag !! Look at the pictures :) It's like opening a bag of chips ya...

Once you open it up, the runners are in bags surrounded by cardboards. The cardboards wrap is actually the instruction manual :)

See :) Very detail manual for a first grade. SG is usually for younger kids. I saw a blog last time (sorry, I forgot the link) where the dad bought this SG for his 5 years old son as the first kit to build. Not a bad son doing the SG while he himself is building a MG.

Empty runners. No camera last time so no pictures on the unbuild kit.

Here are some picture of the finished kit :) This was done 4 months ago when I started Gunpla again. Did not have any gundam marker as well and was using some 0.1mm drawing pen.

Not bad ya...comes with his own display stand :)

Since its a SG the, the parts don exactly fits onto each other flawlessly and also some the details like lines on the face and legs are disproportionate.

But ya !!! It's a fun kit :) Thanks for viewing :)

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