21 November 2009

[FEATURE] Local Hobby Shop - Kawan Ria

Recently David John just did an advertisement for KawanRia @ the Mall. Was really eager to see in person what KawanRia has to offer so I took off to Bandar and have a look personally. This hobby shop sells both bootleg and original gunpla kits. If you take a closer look at the pictures, I am sure you will notice it too :)

But never mind that as the gunpla @ KawanRia is pretty decently priced. No need for me to say more ya. Just go there and have a look. One of the biggest plus point for KawanRia is the way the kits are display; not locked in glass windows and can be held in your hands for a closer look. Makes buying more enjoyable. Other than that, I have talked to the owner and they are pretty friendly.

In fact, I bought a kit from them too. Will post which kit I got when I am free. Thanks to Monkey-001 for snapping these pictures using his phone and KawanRia for allowing us to do so.

Pretty decent range of HGUC kit (with some MGs)

Even the new Khsatriya is here :)

Thanks for viewing :)

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  1. wait is this on brunei which is where i know its on the mall, which flour but i know the flour already flour 2 and theres an entrance to VV kimas and kawan ria where i should go then?


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