25 November 2009

[GET] Bought HGUC 078 Acguy for fun :D

Yep, this is the kit I got from KawanRia. Reasonably priced and one of the most funny and fun kit to build and play with. I was actually planning to get the MG version from but was good to go with just the HGUC version.

This is kinda my birthday gift from myself. How sad ||| Anyways, I am now saving up for the Alternity Red Suzuki Swift :) just like my car :D

Here goes. Some of the pictures of the runners from my point of view.

Reasonable number of runners. I did not open it up yet. Just from the look of it, I am sure it has a fair bit of articulation :)

Going to build it some time next year. Cannot wait for my long awaited holidays.

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