16 November 2009

[FEATURE] Diorama Contest

Probably I should have posted about this contest earlier so that some of you guys can join. Sorry about that. Anyways, the contest has ended a while ago; 30th September 2009 to be exact. The advertisement is here but its is no longer open for dioramas entry.

The grand prize for the contest is the all time favourite PG Astray Red Frame while the theme for the diorama is the Double 00 series. Would love to get my hands on that PG !!!

If you guys are interested, please head over to the video response page to see all the dioramas created both amateurs and professionals :D. The link is here or you can just click the screenshot below.

The winner of the competition is finkllee4 titled "Brave March"

Pretty cool effects man and he deserves the win :D Congratulations :D Apart from his winning diorama video, the owner of also send me the link to this video !! Apparently, the winner have just received his prize and he is excited enough to record and share his "prize opening session" with us :D. Here is the video :D

Don't worry guys :D will be hosting more of these competition and I will be sure to let all of you guys know; first hand :)

Thanks for viewing :)

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