05 November 2009

[GALLERY] MG 123 Exia...FINAL [Part 7]

Yes !!! the final part !!! I have modded my normal Exia with a LED. Cost me only B$1.00 and the effect is pretty much the same as the ignition mode :D.

Exia is my favourite kit right now. I have made the right decision to get it 3 months ago out of impulse !!! Ya, I only had RX-78-2 as the first MG experience and immediately jump into Exia although had 2 x 1/144 kit in between...hehe

Exia is cooler without all his weapons. Dunno why but I always like unequipped kits. Maybe because it is much more posable and easier to play with.

I did not have the time and patience to stick every single decal on to Exia. The work is too tedious !!! You will notice alot of missing detail sticker. Sometimes plain look is good look :D

The GN blades is one of the most prominent weapons of Exia and Exia alone only. I have not seen blade design that employs the ninja's Kunai. At least not for a mecha. And it looks great !!

Here you will see that I am playing around with the lighting to best showoff Exia's lit core.

Thanks for viewing :) Hope you guys like what I did to Exia.

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