19 November 2009

[GALLERY] MG 032 Gouf in Action [Part 1]

Here goes guys. My friend's MG Gouf from probably 7-9 years ago. This kit still look pretty cool even when the articulation sucks. I was planning to do the panel lining and clean up some of the nips marks but was too lazy to even do it. Work is tiring. So yeah, here are some pictures of Gouf in action.

Took this batch of photos with Monkey-001's help. This is his kit anyways :). Hope that these pictures captures some of Gouf's glory :D Really want to get the Version 2.0 from HK's upcoming Gunpla exhibition. It will be coming with some clear parts making show casing your MG even cooler !!!

Beam Falcion !!!

Thanks for viewing guys. Look forward to the next part of Gouf !!! in ACTION ||| lame...

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