02 November 2009

[GALLERY] GFlex Legend Gundam

Not a kit, just something like a Gashapon. My friend got this at Chong Hock (or rather his bro for him). Didn't know that these figures are actually quite well made and detail. With some panel lining, it actually look pretty darn cool.

But it cost B$14.50 which is kinda pricey because you can get a HGUC kit in SG already. For those who have no or little interest in Gashapon type gundam, hope that these pictures shed some light to our knowledge; it did for me :D. It's 1/200 ya. Looks big in the picture though.

Still have the price tag on. B$14.50

Quite cool ya. Really not bad for a "rubber" figure :D

The rifle is a bit bent due to heat and all sorts of things. It comes with a beam saber as well but it is so deformed and would look like some girly ribbon if held by Legend !!! So ya, chuck the beam saber into the bin.

Thanks for viewing :) Have a nice day.

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