11 October 2009

[OTHERS] MG 1/8 Dragon Ball Z Goku

Item: Bandai MG Dragon Ball Z Goku
Price: USD$31.41 / HK345 /B$62.20

Bandai has just launched their MG grade Dragon Ball Z Goku 1/8 figure. First impression was kind of a mix between awe and disgust. Awe in the sense that you will expect super articulated Goku and disgust in the sense that a "figure" has just become a "kit". Kinda weird as well.

Anyways, after looking at the pictures from various website, I have a different opinion now :) A good one :) However, I will not be getting this "kit"; will wait for the Super Saiyan version though.

Have a good look at these pictures if you haven't already.

I believe you can practically pose it anyway you like with the articulation. Apart from that, pictures have shown that the face is made up of several components ; eyes, teeth and tongue. The biceps even bulges when the limb is flexed !!! Unbelievable !!!

A quick look at some of the runners. I believe more pictures will surface soon and also hopefully the box art. It will be release in 12/2009.

If you are really interested, it can be pre-ordered here at "".

The price is USD$31.41 / HK345 /B$62.20

Pictures from GA Graphic.

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