27 September 2009

[GALLERY]HCM Pro 1/200 RX-78-2 Roll-Out Limited

This is the first Gunpla I have got ever since I got back to Brunei and restarted this hobby. Got this kit from HLJ just as a tryout @ only 743 Yen. It is awesomely cheap compared to Brunei. Saw it for sell at B$29.90 or more !!! That's approximately 1,900 Yen man !!!!

But yea, this kit is fun to play with due to its pretty flexible joints. However, I did not take any pictures of it being bend to its maximum, afraid it might loosen the joints...Take a look at some of the pictures I took. I actually bought this with another Speed Grade (SG) RX-78-2 at 900Yen but I have given it to my friend...Will see if I can get some pictures of it as well :)

Oh ya, I also did some panel lining. Out of box, RX-78-2 looks like this...

After lining, this is how it looks.

See the effect of the last 2 photos ? Its built into the camera :) Kinda cool man....can do some post processing before actually porting everything to my laptop. Still very new to the camera, found out that taking picture in room fluorescent is not that good. As a comparison, here's 3 pictures taking on my desktop with a 25W bulb at the back of me.


  1. Oo.. now i know you are the person who get this.. actually i wanted to get this, saw it at CH. but when the time i want to get, it's gone XD ahah..

  2. nope jojo, i did not buy it from CH, its from HLJ :)


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