23 January 2010

Becareful !!!

Do not watch movies or animes while building Gunplas. Always focus on what you are doing !!!

This is what happened to me a few days ago. While cutting some parts from the runners, I accidentally took cut my forefinger open with a very sharp scissors.

One must immediately apply pressure to the bleeding area to stop it. Then apply some disinfectant or medicated cream to cut. Then apply proper dressing...just a bandage is good enough |||


  1. That's really hurt, take care bro, me go accident also, while cleaning the cabinet, cut by the mirror T_T

  2. yes apply pressure to the cut, then drop the cement into the seamline, cover it together and sand till it's gone! errhh... wrong tip.

    whoa man... I knew something like this is gonna happen, never thought it would be that soon O.O

  3. Gah looks painful bro.. I don't really do any multitasking when I'm building my gunpla but I've accidentally stabbed/cut myself with an x-acto knife a few times xD

  4. wow...i know what u feel! it's happened to me bofore when i assemble my motobike is soooo painfull, next time just be carefull bro...

  5. dang....!!!! hurts bad...must really becareful :|

  6. OMG! That's a lot of blood! It's a lesson to all of us... don't cut while distracted. @_@

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