08 January 2010

KK Hunt: Hobby Kingdom [Part 2]

As promised, here is part 2 of the Hobby Kingdom pictures :) Toys ranging from Figmas to SICs to Revoltech and Saint Seiyas.

The extremely rugged Ex-S.

The prices of the MGs are pretty decent. MG Noir cost about RM178 only.

Jumbo Grade Zeta. Aifer offered to take it down but forgot about it once we started discussing Gunplas |||

The Transformers corner filled with an array of Optimus Prime !!!

These few shots below were actually taken from another shop in Asia City. Just another lane away. Forgot the name though. They too have some pretty cool stuffs but I was too tired to introduce myself to the owner and take more pictures. Too much walking around the city.

There is another toy shop in KK that I will be posting soon BUT not much pictures were taken as there were CCTVs all over the place. The array of toys there is kinda good. You guys should go there man. AirAsia B$9 ticket to KK !!!

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