24 January 2010

KK Hunt: KK Toys and Misc

This is the other shop which I found out from Aifer of Hobby Kingdom. I did not have the chance to take too many pictures of the stuffs inside though due the the arrays of CCTVs. However, I can say that this shop is better than ToysWorld of Miri in Gunpla and Japanese anime point of view.

You will be able to find some rare items from DBZ/Kai, SICS and of course Gunplas. There are 2 floors in that shop. It's difficult for me to explain and best to be seen/visited personally :) Gunpla price is as usual pricey but they do sell some obsolete gunplas bundled @ RM29/59 for 3 kits which is pretty decent :). But I did not get any....

The location is mark on the map below. It is situated directly opposite of Centrepoint and just behind McD. Easy to spot too with the sign board.

Please click to have a larger view...

Right, a couple of pictures only:-

Apart from that, I have also spotted some other interesting toys at the regular Parkson. Nothing special though but still fun to look at :)

Thanks for viewing :)

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