07 January 2010

HLJ Free Shipping (Dec 2009) Purchase [Part 2]

One of them is the Dengeki Hobby 2010 January Issue. I do not usually get Dengeki as I have a preference for Hobby Japan BUT this is different as this issue comes with a 1/48 Gundam Unicorn Head !!! I know most Gunpla hobbyist should have known this.

The price for the magazine is 1229 yen which converts to roughly B$19.00. Remember !! No shipping charges :D. When I add it to the cart, there were only a few copies left and it was out of stock the following day !!

Here is the magazine and the 1/48 Unicorn head kit :)

Very thick and heavy...

This issues is jam packed with new and upcoming goodies...not only gunpla !!

Have not gone through it yet but here is how thick the magazine is...

And of course, the main highlight of the magazine, the 1/48 Gundam Unicorn kit :)

The head kit is actually a display stand for 1/144 kits :)

Thanks for viewing. More pictures of other goodies soon.

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