28 January 2010

Transformer Alternity - Cliff - Suzuki Swift [Part 1]

You guys may be asking me right now why the heck did I not get the yellow Bumblebee instead. Reason is simple :) I own a 1:1 scale red Suzuki Swift and this Swift cost me USD46.15/HK360/SGD64 from minus shipping. Arrive right on Christmas Eve :D

The only thing I can say about this Transformer is that it is made extremely sturdy. Feels unbreakable and awesome details !!! Took me quite some time to transform it into robot form due to the rigid joints (which is good).

Here are the pictures of the Swift mode:-

Notice those 2 cylinders under the engine ? Those are his guns !!

Yes, that's the head :D

Thanks for viewing. I will post the transformation pictures soon with a scan of the manual :)

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