04 January 2010

[SALE] Sold & Reserved...HJ2009 with XN Raiser

I managed to get a few more copies via my friend in HK. Actually 4 copies of it. However 2 of them were immediately sold to 2 fellow hobbyist while we are chatting about Gunplas.

Remember Ryu actually helped me to post in his blog that 1 unit of XN raiser is for sale. The post is here. Thank you very much. During that time, I was still in KK and thought that getting the XN Raiser would be awesome for all of us gunpla hobbyist. So yea, Ryu bought one of them :) Thanks.

The other XN Raiser has been reserved for Syful. Extremely generous guy. Recently prized me with the Gold Frame Amatsu for building his 65% completed Noir. Once again, thanks :)

Thanks for viewing. I will see if I can get more of these. Let me know if anyone else is interested.


  1. Hai, I Kelvin Teo from Malaysia. I would like to order this XN-raiser and Magazine. Can i know how i contact you on this sales...

    My Email is or you can call +60 - 017 - 2931282

  2. im racdyn from malaysia...
    im interested in buying this...
    how do i contact u to buy this..??


    hope u can help...

  3. Hi im from singapore
    Do you still have stock for the xn raiser?
    I have been looking for it long time,
    Hope you can help, contact mi at


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