26 January 2010

HGUC 078 Acguy [Part 1]

I have finally completed my Acguy after cutting my finger the other day. As usual, I did not do a whole lot of paint job on the kit as I prefer it the way it should be. I only did some ridiculous weathering to the "inner" frame, some parts super silver and the missiles glossy red.

And also I have opted to not fully covering all the inner frames with the panels. I think it is way cooler that way :) Hope you guys like it. Took these photos at my friend's place while they are playing NBA 2K9 and PES 2010. Forgot to bring along some of the exchangeable parts hence part 2 will cover everything :)

Thanks for viewing and hope that you guys like what I did (minor stuffs) to Acguy.

Stay tune for part 2. And also O Gundam coming up...


  1. is this the clear part campaign model kit?

  2. wow, It's HG but totally looks like MG

  3. thanks man; ya, syful, its a 1/144 HGUC kit...wanted to get the MG but thought that a HG would be enough :)

  4. owh i though it was MG?? Nice one;-)


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