29 January 2010

HGUC 078 Acguy [Part 2]

Second and final part of Acguy pictures. You will see some repetitive pictures here and there because they were taken at a different time and place; and I am too lazy to remove them. Acguy is too fun. I am trying to make it look deadly rather than cute though.

Frankly speaking, I highly recommend this kit to anyone who just wants to build for fun. It's and easy kit and the outcome looks MG to me. Initially, I was thinking of getting the MG but I feel that it will be too big and overshadow the rest of my kits. Lame excuse.

But yea, thanks for viewing once again and hope you have enjoy Acguy in another point of view.

Actually the mono-eye is movable but I am too lazy to open up the clear cap to adjust it...

These are the extension parts and weapons...

Too bad Bandai did not include the clear vortex and missile shooting parts for this HG kit...

Next up will be the HG00 O Gundam :)

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