06 January 2010

KK Hunt: Hobby Kingdom [Part 1]

Frankly speaking, KK is no much different in terms of Gunpla/Toy shops. In fact, there are about 3-4 shops only. There may be more but from what I have found, there are 2 in Asia City and 1 right across Asia City at the Api-Api area and the rest of the Gunplas scattered around in shopping mall like Parkson.

You will understand once you click on the map. I have only mapped Hobby Kingdom on the map. Will do the rest when the time comes. First off, here is a scan of Hobby Kingdom's card. Pretty well-designed and the person I chatted with in the shop is another hobbyist just like us. His name is Aifer. I had the chance to meet up with another guy named William; hardcore gunpla-yist and also some of the incoming customers :)

The address can be found clearly on the card :)

This is the shot when I am crossing the road to Asia City from Api-Api area.

There are actually 2 shops in Asia City. I forgot the name of the other one. Their gunplas were pretty decent priced BUT there is a catch. You have to be their member. Anyways, I hope that you guys can go have a look yourself next time :)

Here goes, I am too lazy to type too much. Just have a look at the random pictures I took :) Sorry for not getting better pictures as I only had my E71 camera with me.

The shop is not very big but still, a decent collection of toys :)

Aifer was nice enough to repose the Noir for my shot :)

That's Aifer inside the shop attending to a customer. That guy bought a MG Unicorn Titanium version :)

More to come :) Thanks for viewing.

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