13 January 2010

KK Toy Purchase [Item 1]

Alrites, if I told you guys that I did not get any Gunplas from KK; then it would surely be a lie. First off, the O Gundam. Bought this at Hobby Kingdom which I reviewed a handful of post ago. Cost me RM55 which I think is pretty decent. Saw some places selling at RM79.90.

Got this kit for 2 reason; its simple with minimal pane lining and paiting; and it resembles RX-78-2. Also, you will find that all 00 kits are extra flexi and posable :).

Will start this kit soon enough. Stay put.

4 x runners only :)

Thanks for viewing :)


  1. i like the 0 gundam but waiting 1/100 scale version to come out;-)

  2. hey kaymaroo :) hope that the 1/100 version has more details on the panels :) then I will also get it...nice one !!

  3. @avg.joe: much you buy this guy?


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