15 January 2010

KK Toy Purchase [Item 3]

While I was shopping for some working shirts in Parkson, I "automatically" searched for the toy section. To my surprise, they are selling some Sangokuden kits are pretty good price. However, there were only 2 kits available; Hyaku Shiki Zhou Yu and Nu Kong Ming.

I texted my friend Monkey-001 since I am not so much into Sangokuden kits. Got this for him. I am simply too lazy to do painting for the time being. Always looking for something easy now |||

By the way, I will be scanning all the Sangokuden manga soon and post it on my blog for downloads. Not sure whether you guys have noticed the link I put on the right side of my blog. It's still not linked but will be when I scanned all of them.

Monkey-001 told me that this kit will be very difficult to color just from the look of the runners..

Thanks for viewing :)

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