26 September 2009

[SALE] HGUC 077 Blue Destiny 2 !!!

Hey guys, got a unopened brand new kit here for sale. I am hoping to sell for B$30.00. The usual price is SG$32.95. I am not sure how to pass it to you guys (if anyone is at all interested) BUT I am going to Bandar Gadong area with my friends to meet with Tagashie for his bootleg PG Strike.

Please let me know if anyone is interested or else I will open it up and start this kit is from my friend who is getting the PG. He just got back from SG. I bought a few others kits and feel that its too much for me to handle for the time being (got some more from HLJ as well).

Please post at the chat area ya :)

Box Art of Blue Destiny 2

Credit of assembling manual pictures goes to Dalong.

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