06 September 2009

[OTHERS] Kotobukiya Framearms...

Good evening fellow gunplayers, hobbyist etc :) Its a long 3 days weekend, was thinking of taking a break from blogging for these few days but I ought to write something about Kotobukiya's Frame Arms.

I believe most of you guys have seen these from NgeeKhiong's blog and HobbyJapan magazine. In case you haven't here are some pictures of Frame Arms :).

I consider this an evolution in plamo. You have a frame (something like the MG inner frame but standardized, less detail); customizable like LEGO or even abit of Revoltech but better !!! On the frame itself are numerous 3mm holes for attaching armor plates. You then can purchase outer panels to "mix & match" a mecha of your own !!!

Figure 1. Frame Arms Base

Figure 2. Gorai Figure 3. Stylet

The first few pictures shows the bare frame; both greyish white and greyish black versions. Look at how the arms can be extended, body attached to wheels etc. It's cool !!!


Here are 2 more models Gorai and Stylet. They have the same inner frame (Frame Arms). Look at how differently themed both models looked. The Gorai spotted a tank themed design while the stylet opted for an aerial fighter look.



Verdict: I say a good buy. It has the armored core look, highly articulated. In addition, the frame can be customised just by purchasing future model "panels". A Gorai that with Stylet jet pack !?

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