14 September 2009

[TOOLS] Sony Cyber-Shot H20...Soon...

Have been pondering for a while to get a digital camera and finally decided to loan one at Have not done it yet as I am still waiting for my credit card to be approve. Few of my friend thought that I am crazy about Gunplas until I get a camera just to take pictures of them.

Nope. Not true. Bought my first Canon IXUS back in 2002 but my bro was robbed of it during his school trip. Until now, I have never had any interest cameras and recently work is great and the cash is good.

Went to and saw this camera at B$607 and can be loaned for B$32 per month for 2 years. Why not ? Just a couple of hours of OT. Have a look :)

More information on the camera here. Information from here. And the review here.

Any opinions photography experts ? Please give me some advise :) while I still can change my mind...

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