26 September 2009

[OTHERS] Old News...Zaku Phone !!! 2007

Is it me or is it Japan's Tech way ahead of us ?!!! Look at this Sharp 913H G Type Char Zaku phone. It's damn cool ya !!! and its a phone from Year 2007.

This Zaku head is actually like a docking station for the phone.

The Zaku eyes is actually triggered once the phone is dock and moves randomly left and right !!!

Here are some pictures and a closer look to the phone. It looks way beyond year 2007 and still fits into 2009 man !!!

Design and Interface screenshot obtained from their website.

More pictures. Enjoy !!! Some are from Dannychoo's website back in 2007 :) Old news but still a nice piece of gadget. I was still in university that time and working my ass off at some sushi restaurant in Australia....haha...and I don't even own any Gunplas !!!

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