19 September 2009

[ADV] E2046 Banner Exchange :D

Hey All,

Selamat Hari Raya to All :). It's going to be another long weekend :D but I worked today :(

Anyways, please drop by to Anime Figure Shop E2046. You can also find it their banner on the right panel of my blog. I have known this shop for quite a time now and they are selling pretty cool stuffs there and most of the kits cannot be found elsewhere (not that I know of any)

I have recently exchange banner with them and my blog is now featured on their link list (Link No.336) :D latest on their site !! Very excited and honored to be listed there...

Anyways I believe all of us will take an interest in what they are selling ya !! Have a look at some of the shots of their site. Please visit their shop and see for yourself. Thanks guys !!

Main page is always flooded with updates of new toys and figures !!!

Look at some of the garage kits !!! Awesome stuffs !!!

Also Look out for their frequent sales and promotion. Do not miss the chance guys !!!

1 comment:

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