12 September 2009

[OTHERS] Pencil Art to Digital Art 2 :)

Haven't have the time to post any gunplas lately. Kinda busy with work. Anyways, here is a short post; one of my artwork from year 2000. You guys should have played this RPG game before; its the Breath of Fire III.

It took me alot of time to draw this when I was around 15 years old. Just a few years ago, I scanned and took the time to "digitised" it. Took awhile to learn to draw eyes in PS and have used many layers to color it. Have a look and hope you guys like it :)

I have never manage to finish this completely due to my laziness |||. Will post Gunpla related things soon. Thanks for viewing :)


  1. I love your use of color .I also like your character they look so life like thanks for sharing.


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