04 September 2009

[OTHERS] Pencil Art to Digital Art :)

Hi All, Thanks for visiting. I have decided to give gunplas a break (Not for long though). Just completely finished building my RX-93 Nu and Kerberos. Wanted to take some pictures but am too lazy and tired to do so. I will post them soon enough when I have the "posing gundam" mood.

Today I will show you one of my artwork. From pencil art to digital art. Have a look at the pictures below. I drew this marvel vs capcom wolverine one day when the power went out. Took a pencil and sketch this (of course looking at some gaming magazine) back then.

Step 1. Sketch on A4 paper.

Step 2. Use GIMP to do the lineart

Step 3. Color using GIMP

For those who don't know. GIMP is just like photoshop but its opensource meaning that it cost nothing :) Took me some time to learn lining and coloring but its well worth it :) I will show you guys something more complex next time.

Thanks for visiting :) Laters...

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