22 September 2009

[OTHERS] Banpresto High DX Dragon Ball Z Kai Figures...

Dragon Ball Z/Kai !!! My childhood heroes !!! and My passion for drawing starts there as well. I posted something about DBZ sometime ago here. Those statues are too expensive for me to get but today I am going to showcase some Banpresto figures.

The HQ DX figure. I googled and was only able to find 7 volumes of this figures. Most of the time, it comes in pairs like what you can see here. I really do not know the exact price anymore because the prices at eBay and at XLShop differs too much.

Anyone knows where I can get my hands on these ? Pictures credit goes to

The figure I wanted to get is the Super Saiyan Goku of Vol.4 !!! Battle damage...I think its the battle with Freeza...

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