23 September 2009

[GALLERY] Alec's Kerberos BuCue Hound

Hi All, here is another HG I got from SG via an incoming friend last month. Cost me only SG$15 !!! Anyways, this kit is from the SEED MSV and it took me some time to re-build it as I have probably 1hr per day for gunplas.

A good friend of mine built it and I just took it apart and fine tune it :). Overall the kit is well designed and the unique part is the head/neck section where cables are use to restrain and give it an elastic feel. Articulation is good as well and its transformable into a tank.

Have a look at some of the pictures taken :) Happy viewing...

Btw, this will be the last batch of pictures taken using my friend's camera :) I have bought a new Sony camera with good macro capability. Too lazy to retake these pictures using Sony.

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