08 September 2009

[GALLERY] HGUC 086 Gundam Nu !! Launching !! Go Amuro !! [Part1]

Have a look at my completed RX-93 Nu...I have finally pushed myself to finish the funnels and did a bit of coloring instead of using the given stickers. Nothing much to say though. Just enjoy the pictures that I have taken. Hope you all like what I did to pose Nu.

Nu is one hell of a Gundam. Never like it you know until I got this kit at a 50% discount price few months ago via a friend in SG. Cost me SG$29.90 only; the usual is SG$60.00.

Enough with the blabbing. Huge post of 20 pictures. Enjoy and thanks for viewing :D

1 comment:

  1. whoa! same with my bootleg TT Hongli Nu Gundam


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