20 September 2009

[GET] Bootleg RX-178 AUEG Mark.II v2.0

Hey guys...Remember Toystation's Fake PG Strike ? The link is here. He wrote in his blog that the bootleg was from Little M so a few weeks ago me and one of my friend went there and got ourselves some bootlegs !!!!

I bought the bootleg versions of Force's loot some time ago....have a look here. Argghhh !!! this kit is really frustrating ya...Got it for B$16 only...Initially, when you open the box, everything looks fine and I was quite pumped to build it....

All I can say is that when I started to play a little with the frame. It broke :|....I am giving up on this project and will hand it to my expert friend who is used to build bootlegs. Have a look at his work here. He got himself the bootleg Zeta 2.0 man...In fact, I called Little M to reserve it for him...hahaha....desperate |||

Here's some pictures of my disappointment ||||

After this experience, I won't be getting any other friend got himself a BB Strike Noir and the "Wing Sword" thingy broke as well....Cheap stuffs no good....Good stuffs no cheap !!!

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  1. For me.GHD brand is one hardest kit to build in gunpla series.I dont care ya fake nor ori.I was from military model kits well i switched in gunpla it was hell.Too easy to build by snap fit cement sand and done.But by crossing a cheap shop meet up bootlegs i kinda like them duel in challenging instead of Bandai.Is just me.


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