25 September 2009

[OTHERS] Camera Test #1 : Viper GTS Coupe

Was at my friend's place playing PES 2009 on his pc the other day. While waiting for my turn to challenge, I saw his dusty old Viper GTS on top of his shelf. So I took it down and took a handful of pictures and test out my new camera :)

Here are 2 pictures take right next to the window with ambient natural light. Weather is kinda rainy though. Serves as a control to contrast between pictures with enough light source and those at low light.

Now here, these pictures were taken in a room with no lights on. The Viper was shot on a low bench facing natural light from the window. As usual A4 paper background was used. Photos were taken at ISO400, F2.8 in Auto macro mode at 8 megapixels; no flash. It can be done is 12.1 megapixels but I don think there is a need for that.

Thanks for viewing guys :) Photos are untouched and unaltered. I am amazed by this camera especially its macro capabilities. LOL...maybe cameras nowadays are all like that !!! Just that I am way behind the camera tech thingy. Purposely left those dust on :)

Click on picture for full view.

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