30 September 2009

[GET] September 2009 SG Gunpla Loot...

It's the end of September and this month I have got myself some Gunplas again !!! I have these for sometime already and finally got the time to take a few pictures of it. This time I got the 30th Anniversary RX-78-2, Kampfer and some tools.

Let Mr. Headless Exia show you guys the goods !!! Btw that's MG Exia WIP.

HGUC RX-78-2 30th Anniversary @ SG$22.00

HGUC Kampfer @ SG$31.50

Some Gundam Markers, Mr. Hobby Thinner & Silver No.8

Btw, Gundam Markers are SG$3.90 each, Thinner is SG$5.90 and Silver is SG$2.90. Note that one of the marker is Grey. Will be attempting first color scheme change for 30th Anniversary. Hope it turns out ok :) That's what the Silver No.8 is for.

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