17 December 2009

[OTHERS] Epik Casing for Mobiles...Nothing Gunpla....

Here is something totally not related to Gunplas. Not sure how many of you guys out there are using Nokia E71 but in my office, there are quite an alarming number. E71 use to be very cool for me until everyone has it...haha...and I have had to make mine a bit different.

Take a look at this case I got from eBay. I am pretty sure that no one has it (not that I know of) in my place (unless I get it for them). I know case is pretty easy to get in shops but this is not the usual lot :) They come in 5 colors; white, black, blue, orange and green.

I bought 3; white, orange and blue :). If you guys can see properly, these cases actually has some patterns on them giving your phone a different feel and look.

And it is silicon plus resin; making it both strong, flexible and non-susceptible to dust!! Head to their shop here. It's cheap and way cheaper compare to the dust-prone case we have in the local shops here.

For your convenience, here is there video.

Thanks for viewing.

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