24 December 2009

[GET] iShop2go Shipment Arrived Christmas Eve :D

I have ordered some goodies from them a couple of weeks ago and finally it came yesterday :D. Got myself the Alternity Swift Cliffhanger :D. Just to match with my red Suzuki Swift :D

Decent packaging from and a pretty well designed label to greet their customer. Notice also I got the BB Gundam Physalis. Well, it for my good friend Monkey-001. He already has a couple more of Sangokuden BB Gundams under his collection already. Will get some of photos of them next year :)

Since it's from Hong Kong, the manual is in Chinese.

But building instructions stays Japanese...

The free mechanics chain base that comes with the purchase. Christmas promotions :)

And yesh~~The Alternity A-03 Suzuki Swift Sports Cliffhanger !!!

Sorry for the bad photos. Bad lighting at that time. Thanks for viewing :) and Enjoy your holidays guys !!!

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